Tuesday, January 12, 2010

McCall To Retire

This will prove to be an interesting political season now that McCall is leaving. I wonder what the true motivation is for this move? Imean, he's been a politician for a very long time. Has the closet full of skeletons become so full he can no longer close the door? Or maybe he sees the political winds changing, and is getting out while the gettin's good?

No matter the case, it will be nice to see a new face representing the district. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get someone with a background of real-life work experiences, and not just a resume that's chock full of politics, behind the scenes glad-handing, and back room shenanigans. How about a representative who has even run a business, who knows what it's like to cut paychecks for people, or has the experience of selling and marketing a product ? What a refreshing change of pace that would be!!


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