Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Meanwell -- Check out this Daily Collegian Online article

It was nice to see an article about the growing ClimateGate scandal appear in the Collegian. Too many major news outlets have chosen to bury this controversy (mostly for political reasons), but at least the folks at the Collegian are doing their due diligence. Of course, I noticed that the last part of your article was a blatant defense of global warming, but at least you brought up the controversy.

I am interested to see how far down the rabbit hole the Collegian will be willing to go. There is a lot more to this scandal than a few emails back and forth between colleagues. The real investigation lies with the source code. You need to take a look at the raw data from the Climate Research Unit's FOI2009 file in particular. Marc Sheppard of AmericanThinker.com has dug deeply into some of these files, and the results are disturbing. There are many "fudge factors" in the code that scrubs the data, and shows that the scientists weren't really searching for an answer: they were searching for a way to explain their answer. That, my friends, is not science.

Being an alum of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, I find this truly offensive. I was always taught that "consensus" is not true science. I was also taught that scientists must "test" a hypothesis, and look for the opposite of each consequence in order to disprove it. It seems to me that these global warming scientists don't spend much time trying to disprove their theories. They spend more time making sure they are aligned with environmentalist politicians. That may be great for their ability to obtain grants, but it doesn't advance the cause of science.

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