Thursday, November 19, 2009

Michelle Malkin refutes the SEIU's refutation of her....

Great stuff from a good fact checker, Michelle Malkin

My two cents:

Obama has his purple-shirted thugs in the SEIU, Hitler had his brown-shirted thugs in the Sturmabteilung, or SA. Both groups served the purpose of intimidating the masses, and forcibly pushing agendas.

The only difference is that sooner or later, ordinary folks in the SEIU are going to look down, see the bloodstains on their hands, and rise up against the union bosses. Their American spirit will override the brainwashing they have been receiving at the hands of the union's leaders. That will be a wonderful day for this country.

I also find it encouraging that the American people as a whole are finally starting to wake up to the realization that the government is not doing things for the people, they are doing things to the people. Better days are on the way. Do yourself a favor and get on the liberty bandwagon early. Say goodbye to the parasitic unions!

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