Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Global Warming....Climate Change.....whatever it's called these days

Someone asked me to comment on Global Warming on a recent email string. I kind of went off on it......enjoy!

Control of so called “global warming” is nothing more than a power play for global governance.

With the fall of communism in the 80’s and 90’s (present administration not withstanding), the liberal nut jobs needed a safe harbor in which they could practice their takeover of society. The environmental movement was the perfect target. You already had your motivated hippie base in place (who actually believed we were causing global cooling in the 70’s, but what’s a 180 degree change in thinking among friends?), and you could always count on the European crowd to go along with anything that promised some serious US Corporate bashing. It was just a matter of finding the perfect stooge to run the show.

Enter Al Gore. A more colorful and comical character they could not find. Fresh off his cry-baby performance in the 2000 election, Al needed another cause to make himself relevant again (otherwise, he’d simply be known as the son of the man who stood in the way of the Civil Rights Act of 1965 –yes, that’s right, Al’s dad –and most democrats of his time—were the actual segregationists. Please, don’t look for this information in any high school or college history book, it’s been redacted for your convenience). Al had the “left stuff” to take this fight to another level, and with the same enthusiasm of Michael Moore going after an evil company (or a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese), Al picked up the baton, and trudged forward.

The IPCC were the perfect group of hackneyed politicians and liberal scientists to back up Al. The created the wonderful “hockey stick” graph showing the damage man had done to the earth, and nary a reporter dared to question it. That brings us to today.

“Global Warming” is now affectionately known as “Climate Change” (how do I know this? I think Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher both got that phrase tattooed on their behinds). The tree-hugging whackos needed this linguistic alteration to insure that any inconvenient “dips” in their global warming data could be explained.

Today, the battle rages on, but as more and more scientists come out refuting the global warming theories, the left is becoming more and more desperate. Want proof? Wait until the Copenhagen meetings in December. What a scare-fest that promises to be!

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John Reb said...

Yes the Cap and Trade legislation has a little something for everyone here at home too. Terry Dinan, Sr Advisor to the CBO presented a report to the house ways and means committee in March 2009. Dinan basically confirmed that the added cost from Cap and Trade would untimately trickle to consumers. And, since these costs would be regressive (ie. low income families use proportionally higher amounts of energy to thier incomes), legislation would be required to offset these costs. So Cap and Trade facilitates the redistributing wealth globally and nationally.